Most of the discourse about design falls into one of two categories: Too Short (twitter and dribble) or Too Long (medium and magazines). Both groups are necessary and serve a purpose, but where is the middle ground?

500 Words is a shot at trying to find that middle ground. The write-ups here are brief, but long enough to hopefully spark some thought and conversation. Not more than 500, you guessed it, words. Most of the pieces here are opinion based — though the views come from nearly 20 years of design experience. Occasionally a more researched design topic will emerge, but those can be difficult to summarize in 500 words. However, my experiences as a designer have been extensive and I have a lot to say. More on those experiences below. 

Some career highlights. For many years I ran a design studio, 53feet, where I managed local and national clients. I have worked as an in-house designer and a studio designer.  I've also served an Assistant Professor at two different universities: the University of Iowa and Illinois State. While in Iowa, I co-founded Donate Design – a student-run, not for profit design studio. 

Finally, I helped start Radius, a startup headquartered in San Francisco. I would eventually become the Chief Creative Officer at Radius and the Director of Radius office in Austin. I worked with Product and Marketing teams to push the boundaries of designing for enterprise companies. I managed entire creative stack: branding, product management, product design, UI, UX, marketing, demand generation, and field marketing. 

Now, I'm looking for new adventures. If you liked to get in touch with me, send me an email.